Friday, December 8, 2017

Parents Teacher’s Meeting Program of F.Y. B.Sc.(Computer Science)

Poona College of Arts, Science & Commerce, Camp, Pune-01
Department of Computer Science
Parents Teacher’s Meeting Program of F.Y. B.Sc.(Computer Science)
Academic Year 2017-18

A Parent Teacher’s Meeting program was organized by the department of computer science for   F.Y. B.Sc. (C.S) class on 08th December 2017 at Conference Hall of Poona College. The program was collective efforts of faculty members of the department namely Mr. Mahtab Alam head Department of Computer Science, Mrs. Bhavana Deshpande, Ms. Shaheda Ansari, Mr. Mohammed Umer Hasan, Mr. Mohammed Abdul Quddus,            Mr. Mirza Imran Baig, Mrs. Aparna Korde, Mr. Imran Qureshi under the able guidance of Mr. Mahtab Alam, Head Department of Computer Science. The meeting was highly successful in its purpose as the parents know the present status of their ward. Many parents had talk with the subject’s teachers and they are able to resolve their queries.

Parents are collecting Mark sheet along with students.

The Result of First Term was distributed on this occasion by Ms. Shaheda Ansari and Mrs. Aparna Korde. This result sheet having the marks of student and the attendance of student was prepared by the team of Mr. Mahtab Alam Head Department of Computer Science, Mr. Imran Mirza Baig and Mrs. Aparan Korde. The host of the day was Mrs. Bhavana Deshpande the program was started at 11:00 AM by Tilawat-e- Quran recited by Mr. Imran Qureshi.

Mr. Imran Qurshi reciting the verses from Holly Quran.

The welcome speech was given by Mr. Mahtab Alam Head Department of Computer Science who described the importance of parent’s teachers meeting.
Mr.  Mahtab Alam Head Department of Computer Science addressing the audience

Afterword’s there was a speech of Mr. Iqbal N. Shaikh Vice-Principal, he explained the Objective of the meeting and also explore the importance of parents teachers meeting.

 Mr. Iqbal N. Shaikh, Vice-Principal Addressing the Paresnts.
Followed by the speech of Dr. Aftab Anwar Shaikh Principal has guided the students and motivated them how they can improve their performance Principal suggested the parents to be in touch with the subject teachers.

Dr Aftab Anwar Shaikh, Principal addressing the Parents.
Poona College conference Hall occupied by Parents

The Principal Dr. Anwar Shaikh, Vice Principal of Science Mr. Iqbal N. Shaikh and Mr. Mahtab Alam interacted the parents. It was a healthy discussion among the parents, teachers and authorities as result parents are happy they are able to solve and discussed their problems they have given some valuable suggestion and this meeting was appreciated one and all.

Mrs. Bhavan Deshpande presenting the vote of thanks.
Vote of Thanks by Mrs. Bhavna Deshpande.


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