Sunday, September 25, 2016

Report on webinar workshop entitled “A Crash Course in Web Development” by Diwakar Mishra from New Delhi arranged by Department of Computer Science(PG-CENTER)

A webinar workshop on “A Crash Course in Web Development” for the students of M.Sc. (Computer Science) was organized by the Poona College, Department of Computer Science under the able guidance of Principal Dr. M. Rafique Sarkhawas on 24th September 2016.
The resource person was Mr. Diwakar Mishra who is an alumnus of the Poona College and is successful in his profession as a full-stack Web Application Developer and Software Developer and he is also an Edx certified Web Designer and a google certified Marketer.
This webinar session was coordinated by HOD Prof. Mahtab Alam and Mr. Imran Mirza Baig. 
Introduction of the guest Mr. Diwkar Mishra by the Class Representative Ms. Zeenat Moosa.
Introduction of the guest Mr. Diwkar Mishra by the Class Representative Ms. Zeenat Moosa.
The webinar started at the stipulated time and went on for around two and a half hours. The webinar was put into reality by using Skype to connect to Mr. Mishra who was present in New Delhi. The webinar started with the introduction of the guest by the Class Representative Ms. Zeenat Moosa.

Mr. Diwakar Mishra during his Webinar Presentation on Skype
After this the guest took over and started the session by explaining the different types of web hosting environments.  After this he went on to explain how we can buy a domain then host it on the server. Mr. Mishra then went on to explain how the students need not need to know a lot of coding for developing their own websites.
During this time the webinar was joined by HOD and Vice Principal, Commerce Faculty Dr. Aftab Anwar Shaikh. He spoke to Mr. Diwakar Mishra and appreciated his valuable contribution and for sharing his time and knowledge.
Dr. Aftab Anwar Shaikh interacting with Mr. Diwkar Mishra
Dr. Aftab Anwar Shaikh interacting with Mr. Diwkar Mishra
Demonstrating the example of WordPress, he said that nearly 25% of the web is based on WordPress. He further went on to explain the use of Content Management Systems and then took the demonstration of OpenCart A free shopping cart system to illustrate how it’s easy to build an e-commerce website. The students were surprised to know that there are such easy methods of making robust systems as well as this also opened new opportunities for them to make any of their products online.
Mr. Diwakar Mishra during his Webinar Presentation on Skype
At the end there was an interaction of the students where the students were free to forth their doubts. The Vote of thanks was presented was presented by Ms. Zeenat Moosa wherein she mentioned that this was a first of its kind experiment and thanked the Coordinator Mr. Imran Mirza Baig for it. She also expressed the hope that each student will try out whatever was taught in the webinar regarding web development.
The Head of the department Mr. Mahtab Alam also appreciated todays webinar as Mr. Diwkar Mishra is ex-student of Computer Science Department and Mr. Alam expressed that we will arrange such webinars in future at our department.
Mr. Mirza Imran Baig interacting with Mr. Diwkar Mishra during webinar

Mr. Azhar Khateeb of M.Sc.(C.S.)  Part-I asking Some Queries related web security

Mr. Kashif Ahmed from M.Sc.(C.S.)  Part-I asking Some Queries related to OpenCart Customization
The webinar was a huge success and the effort put into it as well as its success was appreciated by all. The students gave a positive feedback about it as well. Mr. Shahdab Alam Saifi, a student of Semester I said “Webinar was a good experience, I learnt about how to get a domain and host it on the server, understand CMS and its use. I am sure it will be very helpful in our career.” Another student Mr. Kashif Ahmed said that the “Webinar was easy to understand and not too technical”. Another student Ms. Jabeen Sayyed said “this was a good opportunity to learn many new things with practical”.


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Very good initiative by Department of Computer Science. All are working in a dynamic team.

At October 16, 2016 at 11:11 AM , Blogger Imran Mirza said...

Thank You very Much sir for your appreciation.

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